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My Story

Hi! My name is April.

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, paranormal investigator, spiritualist, entrepreneur, and lover of all things weird!  

Since I was a child, I always knew there was more to this world than what was being shared.  I believed in extra terrestrials, ghosts, cryptids, and most things are are unexplained.  I have seen spirits, shadows, and a UFO throughout the years.  

I officially had my spiritual awakening the month I turned 40.  As most of you know, those tend to shake things up ALOT.  I shed alot of things that were no longer serving my higher purpose. 


After picking myself up and brushing off the dirt, I searched high and low for answers to what I was experiencing.  I found a local metaphysical group that accepted me for who I am and I no longer felt like I was losing my mind!  It was in this group that I met Bettina, and KC Spirit & Paranormal, LLC. came to life!  We both wanted to create a place where people could come to find their tribe. A place where they would be able to talk with people about their experiences, and hopefully find some answers. 

KC Spirit & Paranormal has been an amazing experience.  We have had our highs and lows, learned lessons, and strive for bigger and better things in the future!  

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I am also part of the Omega Paranormal KC team.   We are a group of paranormal investigators who love researching the unknown.  We have held public investigations at multiple locations, as well as help private individuals get answers to the unknown happenings in their home.  

I enjoy all things Paranormal; UFO's, ghosts, cryptids... as well as discussing the in depth topics of the metaphysical.  If you have a story to share, I would love to hear it!!  

For more information, feel free to email or

follow the Omega Paranormal KC Facebook page:

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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