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Who are we?

KC Spirit & Paranormal is a product of two women who had a vision to bring the metaphysical and the paranormal worlds together.

 Our goal is to create a place where everyone can find their tribe, their community, their people. 


We have each had experiences in both worlds, and knew other people had to be as fascinated with spirits, cryptids, ghosts, and metaphysics as they were! So, we created this unique opportunity to hear from specialists within the paranormal and metaphysical communities! We also wanted to give you the opportunity to have energy healing sessions and readings from amazing local readers and healers!

We hope you enjoy our dream as we bring you

KC Spirit & Paranormal, LLC!

See you there!


Bettina Norman


To learn more about Bettina,

Click Here.


April McQueen


To learn more about April,

Click Here.

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