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Retail Vendors

Shop!  Shop!  Shop!

There are goodies for everyone!!  Crystals, Artwork, Jewelry, and more!  Check out our amazing retail vendors!

Shopping for Earrings

Meet The Team

Enchanting Epoxy Creations.jpg

Art To Wear


Bone and Bauble.jpeg

Bone & Bauble


The Merry Mogwai.jpg

The Merry Mogwai

Leathergoods, Jewelry

Omega Paranormal.png
Sacred Hippie Shop.jpg

The Sacred Hippie Shop

Plant Grade Essential Oils

The Steampunk Buddha.jpg

Steampunk Buddha


Omega Paranormal KC

tarot/oracle cards, books, jewelry

Meta Me


If you are interested in being a vendor at one of our events, please contact us here:

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