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Guest Speakers

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K.D. Stafford (Saturday & Sunday Only)

Paranoramal Investigator on Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and Discovery Plus

KD Stafford is an inventor,equipment developer, paranormal investigator,and co-founder of Supernatural Ink Paranormal Research and Development, along with his wife Katy Stafford. K.D. got the nickname "The Paranormal Mad Scientist" from Greg Myers, co-founder of "Paranormal Task Force" for his interesting theories in the Supernatural, Scientific experiments done throughout history and creations from the mind of K.D. Stafford.

K.D. Stafford and Supernatural InK Paranormal specializes in building experimental devices for use in the paranormal field as well as conducting their own paranormal research.

K.D. is known for developing the Necrokom Ghost Box System, as well as the Ghost Helmet. K.D. is most recently known for his recurring role in Travel Channel's new series, "Ghost of Morgan City." On GOMC, K.D. designs and builds custom, groundbreaking equipment for the team to use in their efforts to assist Morgan City with its paranormal problems.

K.D. also, builds custom paranormal equipment for "Portals To Hell" since the show started airing, 2019/2020(seasons one, two and three) and still making custom reliable equipment for the shows research. K.D. has been on seasons one and two of "Fright club," 'Lights Out' with the "Ghost Brothers" along with custom build equipment for their TV Series. K.D. Stafford has built several custom research devices for a number of shows on the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and Netflix.

K.D. Stafford is one of three main researchers in a new paranormal show to air fall of 2022 on Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and Discovery Plus. (Ghosts of Devil's Perch)

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Carter Buschardt

Relic Hominid Research & Investigations

Carter Buschardt with BFRO, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, will discuss his research and encounters with Bigfoot. Carter has been an investigator with BFRO for the last 12 years and he is an experienced outdoorsman. He is originally from Texas, and currently lives in Missouri. He has had nearly 100 reports published to the BFRO web site and has interviewed over 350 witnesses and counting. Most of his reports are right here in Missouri. He has had a special interest in Sasquatch long term habituation sites, burial research, infrasound, language and stick structures as far back as he can remember. He has also led 4 public expeditions for BFRO in Missouri & Illinois, and he has been interviewed on dozens of podcasts around the world.


Carter is the author of two books “Sasquatch: Evidence of an Enigma, books I & II, and autographed copies will be for sale at his booth .

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Rupert Kortosh

CE5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind)

Aliens & The Paranormal

Rupert Kortosh is the leader of Global CE5, an international network of alien contact and spiritual education groups. He has a 1st class honors degree in Physics with Space Science and Technology from the University of Leicester, England. As well as researching X-Ray Astrophysics using space-based telescopes, Rupert has spent his entire life researching paranormal phenomena. Now, he teaches a wide range of spiritual and paranormal courses on everything from spiritual healing to alien morality.

During this presentation, Rupert Kortosh will explain how we can make contact with aliens via astral projection and what phenomena we’re likely to experience when we do! In order to fully understand the physical, metaphysical, and paranormal mechanisms involved in alien contact, an extensive overview of spirits, consciousness, extra dimensions of space, life after death, astral projection, remote viewing, healing, UFOs, aliens, and trans-dimensional beings will be given. A selection of recent photos, videos, and artwork from Rupert’s CE5 events will be shown.

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Juli Couch


Who’s throwing what down and at who? What do all of these words mean? Good-bad, light-dark. Christian /Satanic? Even now, more controversial than ever, these beliefs and practices are being used in a world where some believe they are all appropriated. This will be an educational session to enable better understanding of what’s being “thrown” and why. "I can choose to be afraid of my powers, or I can use them." — Sabrina

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Christi Hoffman

Archangels and Ascended Masters Gallery


Rick Lawler

The Connections Between Ozark Witch Lore and Traditional European Vampire Lore

A paramedic and professional death investigator by trade, Rick is a lifelong resident of the Ozarks and student of the strange. His interest in Ozark history and folklore has converged with his study of malevolent paranormal entities and forensic pathology to illuminate the strange connections between the folk magick of the hills and the European lore of the undead”

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Supernatural Ink

Building and Designing Paranormal Investigative Equipment

Supernatural InK LLC is a paranormal, R&D investigative team. We are “Parahistorians” who have unique research skills. 

As paranormal researchers, our job is to investigate, study unexplained occurrences and claims of paranormal activity. This may include anything from strange noises, slamming doors, to UFO sightings or Bigfoot. Skeptics often attribute most evidence of the paranormal to natural coincidental explanations. Our mission is not to change the mind of the skeptic, or to produce "scientific" evidence, but instead to take cutting edge science and technology to apply it in our own complex experiments.

Supernatural InK Paranormal designs, builds and tests their devices in order to learn more about paranormal activity. Our mission is all about testing supernatural boundaries, either by using our natural abilities and senses, or by using experimental inventions designed to illicit intelligent communication with the other side. Our goal is to interact with and learn more about the supernatural world and the beings that seem to exist both in the supernatural and the natural world seemingly simultaneously. Join us on our journey through the unknown as we attempt to investigate claims of high strangeness while we seek answers to our own questions. Perhaps by joining us on our journey you may find answers to your own metaphysical questions as well.

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