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September 2022 Healers


Alicia Salinas - Ology888

Ology is the study of everything metaphysical. We offer reiki & tarot services. We have tarot decks, tea blends, crystal & herb infused intention oil blends, hand poured candles, crystals, books etc. These are some of the tools we offer to help those seeking. We are all students of life!


Joseph Sheppard

Reader and Reiki Energy Healer


Joseph Sheppard (Good JuJu with JoJo) started seeing dead people at the age of four; often astral projecting as child and observing the spirits going in out of a portal.  Even at a young age, he had a special connection with angels.  Joseph has been connected with other worldly entities for more than 25 years.  Through his abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentient, Joseph communicates with positive and neutral entities to relay important messages to the person that needs to hear them.  These entities could be dead love ones, dead pets, spirit guides, spirit animals, angels, elementals like fairies and dragons, and sometimes one’s own soul or higher self.  Good JuJu with JoJo provides a safe, warm loving environment to help people with emotional and mental blocks through his readings and reiki energy healing.


Silver Swan Services

Akashic Reader and Reiki Energy Healer


May you find peace, grace, comfort and strength as you work with Silver Swan's Service. Laura assists you with the love of Magdalen and the light of Christ in sessions that could include energy healing and Akashic Record Reading. Laura also uses this Divine energy when creating custom sacred quilts.

Sherry Hill.jpg

Sherry Hill Spirit

Since 2018, Sherry Hill has been a natural medium who offers a variety of readings. Her specialties include Akashic Records Readings, Animal Communicator Readings, Tarot/Oracle Readings and Spirit Message Readings. She does both individual and group sessions. She also teaches as well. She's a Master Practitioner in Akashic Records Studies and Certifies her students in her training.  She's also certified in Crystal Healing.

Robert Satyaprakash.jpeg

Robert Satyaprakash

Transcendent Release


Robert, born and raised in Kansas City, resided in Asia for more than a decade, seeking mystical union with the spirit realm and understanding healing energy. His search intensified after being diagnosed with an incurable disease and deemed hopeless by the medical community. Upon bonding with his Spirit Guide, Robert received his destiny-defining name - Satyaprakash (True Light, in Sanskrit). Shortly later, he was healed of the incurable condition. Robert has great compassion for the sick and those vexed by negative energies. He practices a form of ancient channeling known as "Transcendent Release." Through channeling the spirit-life of his Spirit Guide, Robert has witnessed the healing of many chronic and incurable conditions of the body, soul, and spirit.

Wendy Wagner.jpg

Wendy Wagner

Wendy Wagner has over 20 years experience as a

registered nurse and a certification in

First and Second Degree Reiki,

USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Ryoho. My

experience spans people as well as large

to small animals including, but not

limited to horses, dogs and cats.

Radiate Wellness

Christi Clemons Hoffman & Kathy Lesmeister


Astrology. Energy Work. Mediumship and Readings. QHHT and other healing hypnosis modalities. Radiate Wellness has you covered. Featured in Healthy Kansas City Magazine, Radiate Wellness helps you discover who and what you truly are and radiate love, joy, peace, and wellness. At this fair, Kathy Lesmeister is one of the featured healers and Christi Clemons Hoffman is a featured reader.




Phone: 816.388.0289

PRS Radio Guest of the year, co-author of the bestselling book The Gap: Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Health and Reverse Most Chronic Diseases, and host of The Radiate Wellness Podcast, Christi Clemons Hoffman is a lifelong intuitive, channel, teacher, and consultant whose passion is connecting people with their spiritual “team.” Using a unique blend of Angel Readings, Animal Communication, Medical Intuition, Mediumship, and Akashic Records, Christi helps clients with questions about their spiritual growth, unlocking answers to questions about life purpose, past lives, health, relationships, and more. 

Also a gifted Reiki Master, Christi uses Reiki techniques along with her medical intuitive abilities to help clients get to the source of physical and emotional discomfort. Reiki is a powerful tool to clear these blockages in the body’s energetic and auric bodies. 
She is also a Level 3 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practitioner, using the method developed by Dolores Cannon and one of only 33 Level 3 practitioners in the world. This form of healing works with the Higher Self, or the Subconscious, to discover past lives that have a bearing on the client's current life. It also provides direct communication with the Subconscious, which can scan and heal the body and give the client direction to gain greater understanding, achieve goals, and answer long-held questions.




Phone: 816.388.0289


Christi Clemons Hoffman

Angel Readings, Animal Communication, Mediumship, and Akashic Records


Kathy Lesmeister

Energy Facilitator

Kathy has been on a lifelong journey of spiritual self discovery. Along the way she took stock of what was working (awareness) and what wasn’t (judgment) and started adding tools to her toolkit to facilitate her own healing and growth. Throughout the process, Kathy discovered that the body holds on to things—past hurt, trauma, injury—and “removing the issues from the tissues” increases the way the energy flows, paving the way for optimum health and well-being. She has sought training in a variety of proven energy modalities and has seen how this work activates the life force within us all to bring peace, harmony and joy. Now she assists others in their own process of self discovery and growth. Kathy’s philosophy is that all of us have the ability within ourselves to heal. Kathy believes that living life in awareness and consciousness allows the flow of all the Universe has to offer, and her passion is helping clients identify and release the blocks that keep them from stepping fully into who they are and creating the life they want.

Juli Couch

Biomat and Reiki Healing Treatment

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