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July 2022 Branson  Readers

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Akashic Grace - Grace Lindsay


Akashic Record Readings



Grace Lindsay has been working in the Akashic Records for nearly 20 years. Certified as a teacher of both beginning and advanced Akashic Record classes with advanced training in Akashic Record consultations, she has done Akashic Record readings from coast to coast and internationally as well. Widely acknowledged for her skill and compassion in bringing forth meaningful information from the Records, it is Grace's passion to introduce others to the Akashic Records through readings and classes.  See Grace's website, for more info. Special discounted fair pricing offered; cash and credit cards accepted.

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Buck works as an Evidential Medium, with a keen sense of seeing spirits. Providing his clients evidence, before loving messages; granting them the certainty he has connected with their loved one/s. Buck doesn’t allow leading questions, nor does he ask for prior info such as pictures, names, or relationships. It is important to Buck that those that seek his services walk away knowing their loved ones are ok, and the other side exists.


Additionally, Buck can be seen providing LIVE readings on Tiktok and Facebook for others to witness his work. His ability to connect with spirits has been witnessed globally, and Buck regularly meets privately with clients from all around the globe.

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Catiara Marie

My name is Catiara but you can call me Cat. I have been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for over 25 years. My life's purpose is to help people succeed. Those closest to me and those I have just met. I do this through Tarot and Oracle Card readings that focus on the past, present, and future and how to best utilize the forces in the Universe to live your best life. It brings me happiness and contentment to see those around me succeed. I am not a competitive person by nature. There is enough abundance in this world for us all."We are not what has happened to us, we are what we choose to become." ~~ Carl Jung


Hally Aarhus / Indigo Moon

I am a fourth generation intuitive witch and gypsy. A lineage which I was honored to received not only from my Mothers side but also my Fathers. I started my journey into the metaphysical world more that 16 years ago. I am a certified crystal healer and reiki master. But my love is in crystal readings. I designed my own oracle crystal deck and have been doing metaphysical fairs professionally now for 4 years. I also have a private practice out of my home in Omaha Nebraska.


Cat Walker-Main.jpg

Cat Walker

Cat Walker has interacted with Spirit and Energy Beings since she was a very small child. She was called to work professionally in 1980. Cat has worked at Events and with Individuals from Coast to Coast.
Cat is very well known as a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and often used Divination during readings as Spirit Guides her. Cat believes that Spirit “ sends” individuals to her to deliver specific messages. Often Spirit speaks through her to help individuals get in touch with ancestors, loved ones and often deceased pets.


Underground Gypsy

Iridology, Medium, Chakra, Timeline

Crystal Light Therapy

Eric Banks and Rebecca Perdieu are gifted readers that offer many forms or readings: Iridology, Chakra, Angel Messages, Medium, and Timeline.

They also sell jewelry, candles, t-shirts, crystals, soaps, Incense, and tea and a few salt rock lamps and Buddha statues.

Last, but certainly not least, they offer Crystal Light Therapy!




Ailin is a certified traditional astrologer and uses her practice to help you gain self-awareness and understanding. She is an expert at using your birth chart to uncover patterns about yourself, your motivations, finances, family dynamics, love, and career potential. Her approach is both gentle yet direct because she does not believe in sidestepping difficult messages. Although life has a way of throwing us curve balls, we can use astrology to help us recognize challenging patterns within our lives.


In addition to client readings, Ailin is also an artist, educator, and president of Kansas City's oldest astrological association: the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers.

Shae Moyers.jpg

Rev. Shae Moyers


Clairvoyant Life Strategist and Medium with 32 years professional experience, Rev. Dr. Shae Moyers' gift of intuitive insight and ability to communicate with those who have crossed over provides her clients with personalized soul healing experiences. Known for her amazing accuracy and ability to clearly "see" to the heart of the matter, Shae's authentic "down home" style creates a safe nurturing space for her clients to experience transformation at the deepest levels of their being. Nationally known, Rev. Dr. Shae Moyers offers a wide variety of readings and spiritual workshops including teaching psychic/spiritual development and spiritual empowerment courses throughout the United States. She facilitates spiritual empowerment circles to promote spiritual growth, personal transformation and co-creation. Shae is also the founder/Executive Director of Phoenix Consulting and The Phoenix Institute of Conscious Living.

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Tamara Milner with The Order of Angels

Tarot & Crystal Retail

Tamara Milner of The Order of Angels has been reading cards since she was 10 years old, she has had visions since the time that she can remember.  She has been talking to angels, fairies, Beings of Light all of her life. Tamara is a “translator” for the Beings of Light – angels, fairies, The Ancient Ones - all Beings of Light. She translates what the Beings of Light want/need to tell the people that come to Tamara for a reading or translation. Tamara wants to help and heal, to bring the Light to darkness, to create a spark that blooms into The Light. 


Tamara also finds extraordinary stones and crystals - all by allowing her guides to assist, she is one of two authorized US sellers (authorized by the Chinese government as the Green Phantoms are a National Treasure of China) of Green Phantom Quartz Crystals that are only found on the Asian continent.

Sherry Hill.jpg

Sherry Hill Spirit 


Since 2018, Sherry Hill has been a natural medium who offers a variety of readings. Her specialties include Akashic Records Readings, Animal Communicator Readings, Tarot/Oracle Readings and Spirit Message Readings. She does both individual and group sessions. She also teaches as well. She's a Master Practitioner in Akashic Records Studies and Certifies her students in her training.  She's also certified in Crystal Healing


Jessika Gallegos

The Sacred Hippie Shop

Owner and creator of The Sacred Hippie Shop. My passion is to help others heal the mind, body and soul through Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Life Coaching, and natural Essential Oil wellness products.


Jamie Zunick

Jamie Zunick has been an energy reader and healer for over 25 years. She has worked with Tarot cards for at least 12 years. She currently offers Tarot and energy readings focusing on past lives; the past, present and future; dreams; goals; challenges; and connections with loved ones in spirit. Jamie currently holds certificates in Spiritual Counseling and Hypnotherapy. She has recently started a YouTube channel where she offers classes on energy, chakras, and healing. You can contact her for an appointment at or 760-318-5412.


Dennis "Doc"Cromwell

Past Life Readings

KJ & Tallas 1.jpg

KJ & Tallas LLC.

Intuitive Readers

We are duel readers working in a unique way through divine connection with spirit. Together we use tarot, runes, and oracles along with intuition to receive messages for the higher good and purpose of our clients.

Cheryl Deemer.jpg

Cheryl Deemer


Cheryl Deemer is an Energist, Quantum Shifter, EMF, Reiki master, Martial Arts Practitioner and psychic medium. She can help with balancing your inner Peace and Joy.

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Julie Couch

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