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Creativity by Julia


Julia is a certified REIKI II Practitioner. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training at Full Circle Yoga School in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry and Crystals are her absolute passion, and her intention is to help others through healing and wellness.

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Christine Ellette


Maker of 100% pure paranormal and naturalist Jewelry


Feel the energy with my jewelry meant for daily wear, meditations and CE5. Each piece has unique healing properties, high vibrations from semi precious stones and crystals that you are intuitively drawn too.

Inner Aura.jpg

Inner Self Aura Photography & 3D Imaging




We are a husband and wife team specializing in aura photography. We have two systems that we use. We have the Coggin’s (newest generation) aura camera that produces an instant Polaroid style photo of your aura. We also have a computerized cloud based system that does live/real-time 3D imaging of your aura and chakra levels. You would also receive a printed multipage printed report with the cloud system.

Ailina Jewelry.png

Ailina Jewelry is handmade, one of a kind quality crystal and gemstone jewelry. Each is made with clean loving energy.

Merry Mogwai.jpg

Nature Made Me focuses on providing high quality herbal and holistic medicines and healing body products as well as herbal education and Doula services.  With a hands-on approach everything from our hand picked herbs, small batch healing body care, and our integrative herbalism courses are centered around community giveback and involvement. Our ultimate goal is to educate our communities on healthier lifestyle choices through natural medicine , self care and preservation. 


Swirls & Twirls Body Art 
Henna Artistry

I have been doing henna professionally since 2013 when the lack of a henna artist where I lived caused me to step up. At about the same time I was also attuned to Reiki and also started learning to read Tarot so my spirituality is also really tied in with this beautiful form of art. Henna is a paste that is made from the dried up and powered leaves of a desert shrub. I make my own paste and use it to create temporary body art which lasts for 1 to 2 weeks.

Crystals and Chaos

Amber Crouch- Crystals and Chaos.jpg
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Melissa's Magical Wares


Melissa's Magical Wares opened for business as a vendor inside the Painted Tree Boutique 8500 W. 135th St., Overland Park KS in December 2021. Melissa is a Solitary Eclectic Witch. She will be offering metaphysical supplies & many handmade items.

Melissa Soto.jpg
Melissa Soto2.jpg
Melissa Soto4.jpg

Gems in the Myst

Gems in the Myst.jpg

Gems in the Myst is delighted to be a part of the KC Spirit & Paranormal Convention. I enjoy sharing my passions for crystals and all things Nature has to offer.  And, don’t forget my hand-crafted jewelry to bring a bit of spiritual energy and beauty into your body.

Nana Prepp the Witch

Nana Prepp.png

Nana has been a sensitive for over 50 years, and a practicing Witch for over 30 years. She over sees Nana The Witch, Shroud Paranormal ITC and Shroud Paranormal Cryptid Research Facebook pages, documenting several years in ITC Research, talking with spirits. An Ordained Minister and Certified Natural Healer Usui Reiki Master, she offers readings, and guidance to people all over the world, as well as weekly group energy healings live on Tik Tok. She also prepares spiritual herbs for ritual preparation or personal spiritual maintenance, as well as custom spell work, and talismans.

Juli C. pic.jpg

PetrichorKC is a local small business that creates pieces full of Reiki energy and intention. Sarah created mostly intention jewelry including bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Her favorite thing about her company is making custom pieces that allow someone to empower themselves and enhance their journey in life no matter where they may be.

Bob Cotter.png

Adding Life to Repurposed Treasures. 
Simple. Affordable. Memorable

Black Orchid Collective1.jpg

Bring Art to Life.
Art ~ Jewelry ~ Spice ~ Design
Makers of an mythos of rubs spices and hot sauces as well as metaphysical tools, Art, jewelry and much more.

Black Orchid Collective4.jpg

Honey's D'vine

Honey's Divine1.jpg
Honey's Divine2.jpg
Honey's Divine3.jpg
Honey's Divine4.jpg
Gifts and Decor.png

Gifts and Decor - Swords and More


Debs Sacred Images2.jpg

Debs Sacred Images
Spirit Guide Painting
I have been painting personal Spirit Guide Sketch’s in pastel and larger fine art paintings of your spiritual family for 40 years.
Includes reading of pastel Spirit Guide sketch,power animals, and past lives.
Hope to see you here
Debs Sacred Images
Debbie Hanna

Affricana Art4.jpg
Affricana Art2.jpg
Affricana Art3.jpeg

Affricana Art is the go to online African Art Gallery.  Explore the Higher Dimension of Art.


Underground Gypsy

Rebecca Perdieu & Eric Banks

  • Iridology

  • Mediumship

  • Intuitive Readings

Underground Gypsy.jpg

Peace Feather




Crystal Cavern

Crystal Cavern is a metaphysical shop based out of Saint Joseph, Mo. We carry a wide variety of herbs, crystals, carvings, metaphysical tools, and jewelry.

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Codi Owens2.jpg
Codi Owens1.jpg

Lafayette Row Paranormal Escape

Lafayette Row.jpg

We are thrilled to have Barb and Julie from Lafayette Row Paranormal Escape! They will have a booth to discuss the activity at their haunted location!! You can also sign up to investigate the property. . . IF YOU DARE!!


The buildings were built in the year 1900 and are a part of Saint Joseph's historic history. They have hosted many small business over the years. They were once a cobbler shop, coca cola distributer, Priscillas adult store and a chiropractor office for Dr. Gipe.


Lafayette Row Paranormal Escape was formed because over the last few years paranormal activity has spiked in the buildings. Neighbors have noticed the lights turning off and on by themselves in the middle of the night. Several EMF spikes along with unexplained noises and footsteps can be heard upstairs when there is nobody around. Also objects have been known to move by themselves.


You get full access to investigate in two historic building in Saint Joseph Missouri that are full of paranormal activity. Call for more information or to schedule your investigation. Julie at 816-244-8290 or Barb at 816-273-9571.

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