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Remote Viewing 

Saturday, Sept 11 at 2:00

Margie Kay will talk about Remote Viewing and how anyone can learn how to use this tool. She is an accomplished nationally acclaimed remote viewer.

UFO Research

Sunday, Sept 12 at 1:00

As a Paranormal and UFO investigator, Margie Kay, will also talk about UFO's and her work as MUFON Assistant State Director. 

Margie Kay is a nationally acclaimed remote viewer. She has helped solve over 60 homicide, theft, and missing person cases, and uses RV for paranormal investigations. Margie assists other investigators with their difficult cases remotely. She is the author of 14 books including Winged Aliens, Gateway to the Dead, Haunted Independence, and The Remote Viewing Workbook. She is currently working on a documentary film project about winged cryptid creatures. Margie is a licensed private investigator in Missouri, and serves as Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON and as Director of the OZ Inter-dimensional Communication Institute. Margie investigates all types of paranormal activity including hauntings, UFOs, aliens, portals, Sasquatch, and other cryptids.

Margie Kay has hosted radio shows on and off since 2003. She has interviewed dozens of paranormal and UFO researchers and authors including Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman, Ed Mitchell, Craig Campobasso, and many more. Margie’s Un-X News Radio/Podcast on her YouTube Channel is live on Fridays at 6 pm CST. She has appeared on numerous radio shows including Jimmy Church, Jeff Rense, Joe Montaldo, Tracie Austin, Chase Kloetske, and many others and appeared on the pilot TV show Strange, and Hangar 1 UFO Hot Spot, as well as numerous news programs on local channels and on CNN.


Margie has written over 250 articles for magazines and news sites. Her articles have appeared in the MUFON Journal, Un-X News Magazine, the Examiner, and more. She is the newsletter editor and webmaster for Missouri MUFON and OZUFO. Kay has spoken at over 200 conferences and meetings nationwide including the Psychical Research Society, the Psychic Studies Institute, MUFON, Paracon, Phenomecon and others. Kay also does presentations and demonstrates remote viewing for audience participants. Her specialty is medical diagnostic reading, in which she remote views the interior of the human body. She always amazes audiences with extremely accurate readings. Margie does remote viewing workshops via ZOOM several times a year. Her students have had great success using her methods.

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Near Death & Out of Body Experiences

Sunday, Sept 12 at 2:00

Annamaria McBride-Dixon with The International Association of Near Death Studies, will join Hector Lugo in a panel discussion about their out of body and near death experiences. (Saturday and Sunday only!)

Founded in 1981, IANDS is a membership-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes research, education, and support around near-death experiences and related experiences. Our mission is to advance a global understanding of these experiences. We envision a future in which all people embrace near-death and related experiences as sources of meaning and inspiration for a better world. (

Annamaria McBride-Dixon has been the KC Area Coordinator for IANDS for the past six years. We hold quarterly confidential support group meetings to share our out of body, near death and other types of experiences in hopes of understanding and learning from each other.

You can visit Anna-Maria at her booth: A Lightkeeper’s Place LLC.

Hector Lugo is Taino Indian, paranormal researcher, and author of the book Vertical Edge, and Horizontal Ledge.  He had his first paranormal experience when I was seven years old and haven't slowed down since. His Life After Death experience occurred in 2000 when he died on his wife's birthday on four different occasions. He crossed over on his final code blue episode and was dead close to 13 minutes before the doctors brought me back. 

He always wondered how life continued after death, not ever realizing that he would actually experience it first hand. It was an incredible experience or journey that changed a lot of his questions and curiosities on this matter. Including a second visit ten years later when he was given a message to  share with everyone. Now he has the opportunity to share his experience with you.  

You can visit Anna-Maria at her booth: A Lightkeeper’s Place LLC.


Bigfoot Research

Saturday, Sept 11 at 3:00

Carter Buschardt with BFRO, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, will discuss his research and encounters with Bigfoot.

Carter has been an investigator with BFRO for the last 12 years. He is originally from Texas, and currently lives in Missouri. He has had nearly 100 reports published to the BFRO web site and has interviewed over 300 witnesses and counting. He is an experienced outdoorsman and studied herpetology in college.  He has had a special interest in Sasquatch long term habituation sites, burial research, infrasound, language and stick structures as far back as he can remember.

He has also led 4 public expeditions for BFRO in Missouri & Illinois, and he has been interviewed on dozens of podcasts around the world.

Carter is the author of “Sasquatch: Evidence of an Enigma and he is working on a sequel.


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Paranormal Investigation

Saturday, Sept 11 at 1:00

Ed and April McQueen with Omega Paranormal KC will discuss investigating the paranormal.  They have both been interested in all things paranormal since they were children.  They were introduced to paranormal investigations from watching the hit show "Ghost Hunters" in the early 2000's.  About 15 years later, while discussing paranormal activity with friends, Ed and April were invited to join a paranormal investigation team.  It was during that time that they fell in love with investigating the "other side".  They have experienced shadow figures, apparitions, flashlights turning themselves on and off, energy spikes, electronic voice phenomenon's, knocks, amongst other forms of communication from the other side.


In 2021, Ed and April started Omega Paranormal KC with the hopes to share investigating techniques with others so that we can all embrace the other side rather than fear it.   During this panel, Ed and April will discuss etiquette and tips for respecting both sides of the veil, as well as share stories from investigations.  

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Rupert Kortosh is the founder of “Global CE5,” a global network of CE5 (human-initiated alien contact) groups, including “Missouri CE5” and “Kansas CE5.” He’s the author of “Aliens, Avatars, Ghosts, & God,” an educational sci-fi novel about the spirit realm, extra-dimensional space, and extra-dimensional time. Rupert has a first-class honors degree in Physics with Space Science & Technology from the University of Leicester in England and X-Ray Astrophysics research experience working on space-based X-Ray telescopes. Rupert has spent his whole life applying a logical, evidence-based approach to paranormal research. He currently gives international seminars on everything from alien species to life after death.


Understanding Aliens

Saturday, Sept 11 at 11:00

Understanding Aliens: Where do aliens come from? Why do they look humanoid? Why are they here? How can we communicate with them? Can aliens heal us? Can aliens save us? This presentation will answer all of these questions and many more! We'll delve into the history of alien visitations, alien crashes, and reverse-engineered alien technology. We’ll examine alien thinking and alien morality. Global CE5 has established a working relationship with an alien called Tak-Ta and her team of healing aliens. An overview of this relationship and others will be presented.

CE5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind)

Saturday, Sept 11 at 5:00

CE5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) is human-initiated contact with aliens. This presentation will explain the practice of CE5 and the mechanisms (physical, metaphysical, and paranormal) involved. An overview of spirits, consciousness, extra dimensions of space, astral projection, remote viewing, UFOs, aliens, and trans-dimensional beings will be given. A selection of photos, videos, and artwork from CE5 events will be shown.


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Mediumship and the Science of Paranormal Investigation

Sunday, Sept 12 at 12:00


Heidi Taylor will share her experience as a Psychic Medium and how she uses her gifts to merge with Scientific theory experts. She will also discuss why spirits remain in certain locations and the different types of hauntings while maintaining the ethics of the investigations.

Please contact her with any further questions on Facebook or email her at

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Astral Travel

Saturday, Sept 11 at 4:00


Dana Petersen (AKA Rune, or Pretanomos Esperanto) Is an experienced occultist who has studied various forms of pagan beliefs for the last 20 years, and has maintain a spiritual practice for 30 years. Having attained levels of degrees in Wicca, Witchcraft, High Magic and Sorcery, Dana also teaches understanding of those various forms. Along with crafting magical tools, his presence in the Kansas City area has benefited hundreds.

Panel Topic
Astral Travel- This discussion deals with the OBE side of astral travelling, what to expect, and helpful tips on how to achieve an astral body. This is not a topic associated with Third Eye form of visual astral travelling, but deals with the evidence and history surrounding the phenomenon. Discussion will include references to Robert Munroes book, “Journey Out of the Body”

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Paranormal Encounters

Saturday, Sept 11 at 11:00

Jean Walker

Jean Marie (Myers) Walker was born in Kansas City Missouri where she still resides.  Jean is a MUFON Star Team Field Investigator, speaker, author, and educator. She is also Section Director and Secretary for the MUFON Kansas City Chapter and has investigated many cases in Missouri.

Jean is an educator who taught middle school Science for the Kansas City Missouri School District. She has a BA from Missouri State University in Elementary Education, Middle School Certification, Science, and Language Arts. She has a Master’s in Education and Computers from Webster University in Kansas City Missouri.

In retirement, she finally has the time to follow up on a lifetime of strange experiences. In her book “Family Secrets” she has been able to put into writing many of her lifetime experiences with UFOs and alien abductions since childhood along with her brother’s experiences.  Jean also talks about the many psychic and paranormal events taking place in her family.

Jean has been doing speaking engagements concerning her UFO investigations.  Jean feels the need now to help to educate the public concerning what is really happening with the UFO phenomena. She is hoping to educate and counsel other about the phenomena and the fact we are not alone!


Crystals & Crystal Grids

Saturday, Sept 11 at 12:00

Julia Brown Marshall will explain how to use crystals and crystal grids.

Julia is a certified REIKI II Practitioner, who has recently completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training at Full Circle Yoga School in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry and Crystals are Julia's absolute passion, and her intention is to help others through healing and wellness.

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Mastering the Three Card Spread

Friday, Sept 10 at 5:00

Catiara Marie

Catiara Marie will be presenting "Mastering the Three Card Spread" This method goes beyond the "Past, Present, Future" and other pre-defined positional meanings using a free-form method. Adapted with permission from Angelo Nasios.

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The Essence of Marie Laveau, Voodoo Priestess

Friday, Sept 10 at 6:00

Psychic Medium, Heidi Taylor

Join us as we look at the life and spirit of Marie Laveau. Come prepared to feel her energy surround you as we discuss her amazing workings! You will also be learning how to make Moon Water, a voodoo tool.

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Sunday, Sept 12 at 3:00

Sandy Jorgenson

Beginners guide to basic palmistry, and how you can use its language to understand the workings of our thoughts and improve in areas where we have become blocked. That's when you will see the lines change over time. Sandy Jorgensen is an intuitive since childhood and now uses her skills through palmistry, art and handwriting analysis. She lives in the Kansas City area.

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Introduction to your Psychic Abilities

Sunday, Sept 12 at 11:00

Rev. Shae Moyers

Clairvoyant Intuitive and Medium with 32 years professional experience, Rev. Shae Moyers' gift of insight and ability to communicate with those who have crossed over provides her clients with personalized soul healing experiences. Known for her amazing accuracy and ability to clearly "see" to the heart of the matter, Shae's warm "down home" style creates a safe nurturing space for her clients to experience transformation at the deepest levels of their being. Nationally known, Rev. Shae offers a wide variety of readings and spiritual workshops including teaching psychic/spiritual development and spiritual empowerment courses throughout the United States. She facilitates spiritual empowerment circles to promote spiritual growth, personal transformation and co-creation.

This panel is a great introduction to those who are new to walking a spiritual path or want to learn more information about specific. metaphysical topics. Everyone is psychic. Rev. Shae's panel will answer questions pertaining to how you can develop your own gifts and offer practical advice on how to do so.