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Inner Self Aura Photography & 3D Imaging;


We are a husband and wife team specializing in aura photography. We have two systems that we use. We have the Coggin’s (newest generation) aura camera that produces an instant Polaroid style photo of your aura. We also have a computerized cloud based system that does live/real-time 3D imaging of your aura and chakra levels. You would also receive a printed multipage printed report with the cloud system.


Julia is a certified REIKI II Practitioner. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training at Full Circle Yoga School in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry and Crystals are her absolute passion, and her intention is to help others through healing and wellness.

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Loni Louise Bernard, a local creative intuitive and entrepreneur, will be giving away free blessed stones from her sacred retreat Milo Farm, where they hold monthly CE5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) events.  She will have her new game PHILOSOPHER with some boosters like Out of this World (themed on Aliens and Sci Fi topics) and Metaphysical packs to sell, as well as some accessories.  She will also have clothing she has hand painted like jean jackets that are adorned with patches too.  Plus other positive energy extras.


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Zabba Creations

John Weiss (ZABBA Creations) is a multimedia artist and skilled craftsman who creates one-of-a-kind sacred objects tailored to the individual. His bread and butter is creating on-the-spot Aura/Spirit Paintings for his clientele that includes a rune reading to help determine colors and context, as well as a special message for the individual. He has perfected a technique in which he can incorporate most any image into the painting right there while you watch and participate. Images can include a profile pic of the client, a loved one or a beloved pet, or any image meaningful to the client. He also crafts Spirit Sticks used by healers and practitioners of all sorts. He has pre-made items for sale, such as Spirit Sticks and framed "Orgonite Artwork" that he likes to call "good juju generators" that help cleanse and clear a space as well as looks beautiful! John can be reached at:

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Swirls & Twirls Body Art ~ Henna Artistry

I have been doing henna professionally since 2013 when the lack of a henna artist where I lived caused me to step up. At about the same time I was also attuned to Reiki and also started learning to read Tarot so my spirituality is also really tied in with this beautiful form of art. Henna is a paste that is made from the dried up and powered leaves of a desert shrub. I make my own paste and use it to create temporary body art which lasts for 1 to 2 weeks.

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Bettina Norman ~ Handcrafted Spiritual decor and witch items.

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Nature Made Me focuses on providing high quality herbal and holistic medicines and healing body products as well as herbal education and Doula services.  With a hands-on approach everything from our hand picked herbs, small batch healing body care, and our integrative herbalism courses are centered around community giveback and involvement. Our ultimate goal is to educate our communities on healthier lifestyle choices through natural medicine , self care and preservation. 

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Heather Inez Benoit


It’s sometimes difficult to describe my work. I’m just a weirdo and I make all the things. I don’t have any formal training in any particular artistic medium, I’ve just learned to let the energy move through me and see what comes out. I create everything from pottery to jewelry, clothing, home decor, textiles and furniture. This is truly a raw channeling of creative energy that processes through me to manifest color, texture, movement and various levels of ridiculousness and joy. I basically just do these things to get them out of me, sort of a “shaking off” sort of process. I’ve included a few images of my work to give you a basic idea of what this looks like. You can see more of my stuff on Instagram at Turquoise_Moon_Handmade but I’m not currently selling online, only at pop-up shops and art fairs. If you see something at my booth and you feel like it was made for you, the answer is, it was. So, just speak up and we will work it out, because this is what I do and I want you to have that gift that was created for your soul.

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Kangen Water

Dexter Dominguez & Brittany Ebert

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Other Retail Vendors

  • April McQueen ~ Hand Crafted Wands, Jewelry, Pendulums, Pens, and More!

  • Gifts & Decor ~ Herbal smoke shop, Kratom and CBD Hemp Oil. Swords & Knives from Anime, Video games & Movies. A large selection of many types of figurines.