Creativity by Julia


Julia is a certified REIKI II Practitioner. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training at Full Circle Yoga School in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry and Crystals are her absolute passion, and her intention is to help others through healing and wellness.

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Christine Ellette


My name Christine Ellette and this is my debut show. I am a 100% pure paranormal naturalist  and have been creating jewelry and other things for over 30 years. My work has healing properties integrated for daily wear, meditation and CE5.In the past I have sold my pieces in boutiques and New Age stores in and around St. Louis, my home town.  In my free time I also paint and draw paranormal oddities,dreamscapes, aliens, spirit animals,  and also dabble in digital art. It is my passion to share what I see and feel and help you achieve enlightenment in whatever you are seeking.

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Inner Self Aura Photography & 3D Imaging




We are a husband and wife team specializing in aura photography. We have two systems that we use. We have the Coggin’s (newest generation) aura camera that produces an instant Polaroid style photo of your aura. We also have a computerized cloud based system that does live/real-time 3D imaging of your aura and chakra levels. You would also receive a printed multipage printed report with the cloud system.

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Ailina Jewelry is handmade, one of a kind quality crystal and gemstone jewelry. Each is made with clean loving energy.

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Custom Made Sisters 


Two sisters that love creativity. We create shirts, earrings, tumblers, wine glasses, welcome signs, key chains, ornaments, cutting boards and so much more. Any of our designs can be custom made to each customers liking.

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Age of Sol


Bio High vibrational copper wrapped crystal jewelry.  You can follow them on Instagram @ageofsol1111.

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             Moonlight Frequency by Kristy Hoang




Kristy Hoang is an Empath Intuitive Oracle reader who channels through writing and guided visually with tarot/oracle decks to help bring peace and clarity to others. Her biggest passion in life is helping others see their own worth and value.


She is Reiki 2 certified and is working on developing a workshop around the beginner basics of being an Empath. Her latest endeavors include studying Tai Chi, candle magic, sacred geometry, and moon rituals and she plans to have future workshops around them as well. Feel free to reach out to her via email for more info on readings/workshops: kristyhoang182@gmail.com


She also works with raising frequencies with essential oils, herbs, crystals, and candles. You can follow her etsy page here for her latest products: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KristyHoang182

All products are made from YoungLiving essential oils, have been cleansed with Sage and Selenite before charged with Palo Santo and Reiki Energy with set intentions for each product. Products are offered at a discount at upcoming fairs. 

Current products include: pillow/room sprays, essential oil rollers, massage oils, after shaving oils, and candles.

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Nature Made Me focuses on providing high quality herbal and holistic medicines and healing body products as well as herbal education and Doula services.  With a hands-on approach everything from our hand picked herbs, small batch healing body care, and our integrative herbalism courses are centered around community giveback and involvement. Our ultimate goal is to educate our communities on healthier lifestyle choices through natural medicine , self care and preservation. 


Swirls & Twirls Body Art 
Henna Artistry

I have been doing henna professionally since 2013 when the lack of a henna artist where I lived caused me to step up. At about the same time I was also attuned to Reiki and also started learning to read Tarot so my spirituality is also really tied in with this beautiful form of art. Henna is a paste that is made from the dried up and powered leaves of a desert shrub. I make my own paste and use it to create temporary body art which lasts for 1 to 2 weeks.

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My name is Sydney and I am the owner of Healing Flames Candle Co. We are an all organic, skin safe, and 100% soy based candle company. Our goal is to heal physically and mentally through the use of aromatherapy and massage candles. We just planted roots in Kansas City, MO 2021 and are excited about being apart of this community! When I am not making candles and mixing scents - I’m traveling, playing with my dog Bentley, or cheering on our beloved Chiefs! Follow us on Instagram @HealingFlamesKC

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Artist - Heather Inez Benoit

It’s sometimes difficult to describe my work. I’m just a weirdo and I make all the things. I don’t have any formal training in any particular artistic medium, I’ve just learned to let the energy move through me and see what comes out. I create everything from pottery to jewelry, clothing, home decor, textiles and furniture. This is truly a raw channeling of creative energy that processes through me to manifest color, texture, movement and various levels of ridiculousness and joy. I basically just do these things to get them out of me, sort of a “shaking off” sort of process. I’ve included a few images of my work to give you a basic idea of what this looks like. You can see more of my stuff on Instagram at Turquoise_Moon_Handmade but I’m not currently selling online, only at pop-up shops and art fairs. If you see something at my booth and you feel like it was made for you, the answer is, it was. So, just speak up and we will work it out, because this is what I do and I want you to have that gift that was created for your soul.

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Gems in the Myst

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Gems in the Myst is delighted to be a part of the March 2022 KC Spirit & Paranormal Convention. I enjoy sharing my passions for crystals and all things Nature has to offer.  And, don’t forget my hand-crafted jewelry to bring a bit of spiritual energy and beauty into your body.

Nana Prepp the Witch

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Nana has been a sensitive for over 50 years, and a practicing Witch for over 30 years. She over sees Nana The Witch, Shroud Paranormal ITC and Shroud Paranormal Cryptid Research Facebook pages, documenting several years in ITC Research, talking with spirits. An Ordained Minister and Certified Natural Healer Usui Reiki Master, she offers readings, and guidance to people all over the world, as well as weekly group energy healings live on Tik Tok. She also prepares spiritual herbs for ritual preparation or personal spiritual maintenance, as well as custom spell work, and talismans.

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PetrichorKC is a local small business that creates pieces full of Reiki energy and intention. Sarah created mostly intention jewelry including bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Her favorite thing about her company is making custom pieces that allow someone to empower themselves and enhance their journey in life no matter where they may be.

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Adding Life to Repurposed Treasures. 
Simple. Affordable. Memorable

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Bring Art to Life.
Art ~ Jewelry ~ Spice ~ Design


Midland Empire: Ghostbusters Cosplay
Saturday Only

The official Ghost Corps Franchise of the Kansas City Metro, St. Joe and surrounding areas. We're a non-profit organization focused on community service and fundraising. Since our founding in 2018, we've grown from five founders and one Ectomobile to a team of 60 and a fleet of a dozen vehicles.

Midland Empire will be at the convention Saturday only selling merchandise to help one of their many charities.  100% of the proceeds will go to charity.  Stop by for a photo op and support their cause!

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For the Love of 2 Hippies Podcast

For The Love of 2 Hippies podcast began with a mission to aid anyone on their spiritual journey. We wanted to chat weekly about different challenges we had during our awakenings and help people know they aren't alone. No matter your background or beliefs are we are here to lend a helping hand of support and a safe, inclusive space to express yourself. Most importantly, we are here to send you love along your journey.

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Gifts and Decor - Swords and More


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Debs Sacred Images
Spirit Guide Painting
I have been painting personal Spirit Guide Sketch’s in pastel and larger fine art paintings of your spiritual family for 40 years.
Includes reading of pastel Spirit Guide sketch,power animals, and past lives.
Hope to see you here
Debs Sacred Images
Debbie Hanna

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Mark L. Groves

Mark L. Groves grew up in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri, where his love of trees and sky began. He earned a degree in Communications from the University of Missouri-Columbia, worked on a graduate degree in Philosophy, and went on to a career spanning three-plus decades in the radio broadcast industry writing, voicing, and producing audio marketing, and radio theater.

He also writes plays, short stories, novels, songs, and poetry. He has five books out: HELLZAPALOOZA The Best DamnED Rock Show Ever!, Black Buttons Vol. 1, Black Buttons Vol. 2, Black Buttons Vol. 3: A Family Affair, and Route 666: Four on the Floor, plus his own poetry collection, This Sea of Days.  He’s had short stories and photography published in several issues of “Kansas City Voices Magazine,” plus short stories published in “Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine” and The Book of Blasphemous Words anthology, and poetry and photography published in issues of Minneapolis-based Auk Contraire arts ‘zines “Intoxication,” “No/Where,” and “Haunted.” Mark lives in Olathe, KS.