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KCSP Productions

KCSP Productions LLC specializes in metaphysical conventions, corporate events, team building and social party planning. We create upscale and authentic experiences. Through our detailed and highly personal process we discover what makes each of the people and companies we work with unique.


KCSP Productions has a proven track record of successfully hosting and creating metaphysical and spiritual seminars and conferences. Our expertise allows us to source the perfect venue, and our knowledge of the industry ensures we have the best possible support for vendors and speakers alike.


However, the biggest reward is the knowledge that each event produced by KCSP Productions LLC, changes people’s lives for the better!


KCSP Productions are created with the intent that you leave differently than you came because at KCSP Productions, we take care of everything for your event from A to Z!

White Sand and Stone

Available Services

Corporate Events

More information coming soon.

Social Party Planning

More information coming soon.


More information coming soon.

Team Building

More information coming soon.

Spiritual Events

More information coming soon.


More information coming soon.


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